How Much Does It Cost to Sell My Home?

One of the first questions we usually answer for sellers is ‘how much will it cost to sell my home?’ While it varies depending on the property, this is a basic guide to the costs of selling your home. When we meet with clients, we provide a personalized ‘net sheet’ that shows you what your costs would be so you can figure out if selling is the right move for you and what you could net.


Biggest costs:

  • Real estate commission (varies but typically 5-6% of sales price)
  • Prepping your home for market. Biggest variable cost. We can provide you with an estimate after visiting your home. See some of our 'before and after photos' for real life examples of the 'bang for your buck' upgrades we have helped our sellers do.
  • Documentary transfer tax. The seller pays this tax in SF. Amount is dependent upon sales price. Typically .05-1%
  • Energy/Water Conservation inspection/repairs. Varies. Typically $300-1500
  • Pre-sale inspection fees Varies but approximately $600-1000

We generally recommend that Sellers get a pre-listing home inspection before they put their house up for sale. A pre-listing home inspection gives Sellers the opportunity to fix proactively any issues with the house before it hits the market, or alternatively, factor the cost of those issues into the asking price. The transparency of a pre-listing home inspection gives Buyers confidence and that means more offers.

  • Payoff of all loans against property
  • Interest accrued on loans being paid off, reconveyance fees and repayment penalties (based on your loan terms)
  • Any judgment or tax liens against seller
  • Document preparation for deed
  • Property tax proration
  • Unpaid homeowner’s dues (for condominiums)
  • Bonds or assessments
  • Delinquent taxes
  • Move-out fees (for condominiums) $300-500
  • Notary fees and recordation fees Approximately $200-500
  • Third party Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement $90
  • 3R report of permit records $160
  • Underground storage tank report Approximately $100