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Our clients turn to us as trusted advisors with the vision, experience and connections to find, analyze and maximize properties. The opportunity to create something special and build equity or wealth is found throughout the city but navigating it requires the expertise, market knowledge and resources of an experienced team. We help developers, investors and homeowners with every aspect of the process: from market analysis to architectural consulting; from unit mix to design finishes; from attorney recommendations through tax strategies. Our passion for architecture, design, development, marketing and sales ensures your project will be a successful one.

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Projects We’ve Done

  • 5 Lot Potrero Hill Opportunity Project Image

    5 Lot Potrero Hill Opportunity

    Fully entitled, these nine homes were crafted to echo the traditions of San Francisco architecture and modernized to meet expectations of residents who seek cutting edge design, sweeping views, and dramatic interior spaces. This rare opportunity is one of the last offerings for any visionary developer who wants to harness the success of this transformative moment in the neighborhood and the reimagining of the new Central Waterfront.

  • 6 Unit Development Project Image

    6 Unit Development

    We helped our client purchase an empty lot and older building in SF. Working with Winder Gibson Architects, our client is in the process of building a smart, transit-oriented building with six units and a distinctive design. Along the way, we have helped with unit mix, layout, consultation on outdoor space and interior design. The result is a project that is geared towards today's buyer.

  • 451 28th Street / Broadway Valdez District Project Image

    451 28th Street / Broadway Valdez District

    Our client purchased this lot and worked with Winder Gibson Architects to design a handsome and unique 40 unit building in the exciting Broadway Auto Row Historic district, an area of Oakland seeing a rapid revitalization and incredible growth. We created a detailed offering memorandum (please email for details) with floorplan, renderings and a complete overview of this dynamic area. We worked with our client on reports and drawings to attract investors from around California.

  • 4 Unit Project Project Image

    4 Unit Project

    We helped our client purchase this a single family home to develop into a 4 unit building. This was a small, older home and the recent upzoning allowed for turning this home into a multi-unit building. We researched this home to find out it was not a historic resource and therefore presented an 'under the radar' opportunity. Our client is working to create a well-designed and thoughtful building.

  • Castro/Eureka Valley Development Opportunity Project Image

    Castro/Eureka Valley Development Opportunity

    We helped our clients purchas this opportunity to build their dream home while also creating a solid investment. After a job change necessitated a move, we helped them sell their home complete with approved plans to a local developer. Working with drone photography, creating top notch renderings and presenting a compelling package, our clients were able to realize a profit while moving on to their next chapter.

  • Bernal Heights View Development Project Image

    Bernal Heights View Development

    Empty lot is planning Approved and ready to become your dream home! This thoroughly modern home, designed by Zack / DeVito Architects, takes full advantage of the site, maximizing views of the San Francisco Bay. When complete this will be a landmark modern home with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, garage parking and BIG VIEWS with multiple decks! Also available is 120 Brewster St which adjoins this property and represents a similar scale of development opportunity with approved plans.

  • Bernal Heights Opportunity Project Image

    Bernal Heights Opportunity

    Planning approved! Located near Bernal Heights Park in San Francisco, 120 Brewster is a development opportunity for a grand 4 Bedroom, 4.5 Bathroom, 4-story modern home with two large roof decks. This thoroughly modern home, designed by Zack / DeVito Architecture and will result in a masterpiece residence for a future homeowner.

  • Bernal Heights Development Opportunity Project Image

    Bernal Heights Development Opportunity

    Our clients had purchased a view lot in Bernal Heights and set up creating a dream home for their family. But nothing in San Francisco is fast! By the time they had approved plans in hand, their own priorities had changed and they wanted to sell this excellent opportunity. We worked with them to create renderings, obtain bids for work and present a complete marketing package. Working with our network of builders, we found the buyer who was thrilled to move forward with this beautiful home.

  • Laidley Heights Development Project Image

    Laidley Heights Development

    We helped our clients purchase this property when we came across a 40' wide lot with opportunity for sweeping views of San Francisco. We are always on the lookout for unique opportunities and a 40' lot allows for a scale of building rarely seen in San Francisco. Over 4 years, we worked with them on layout, recommendations for interior design and consultation. When the time came to sell, we employed a successful marketing effort with press coverage, broker outreach, video and 3D that ultimately garnered the second highest sale ever in Glen Park.

We Offer Our Clients

Off Market Opportunities

Access to off market projects and buildings. We offer our clients the inside track on opportunities you won’t find on the public market.

Development Models

We provide analysis for what can be built, how to get there and how much it will sell for. We also consult on layout, unit mix, floor plans and finishes to maximize your project.

Entitled Projects

We are experts on selling entitled projects and have a vast network of buyers, agents and developers actively looking for opportunities. From single family homes to multi-unit projects, we have the marketing resources, negotiating skills and financing knowledge to get your project sold.

Building Your Dream Home

Specifically looking for a project to build your dream home? We offer architectural and real estate consulting to help you find and build your forever home and make smart choices along the way.

Homeowner Development Analysis

Owned your home for years and feel there’s an opportunity there? We can help you unlock the potential of what is possible from consulting to financing.

Architectural Consulting

One of the most important questions in SF real estate is: what is possible? We work with architects that can help you understand the opportunities and challenges of any property in SF to make an informed decision that is right for you.

Portfolio Planning

Looking to harness the power of high-demand, low supply SF real estate? We can help you create an actionable plan to build a robust real estate portfolio.

Condo Conversion

One of the most accessible ways for first time home owners to enter the market, condo conversion provides a path to building equity with a partner. We matchmake partnerships, provide guidance on building value and help you navigate the legal hurdles to conversion.

Investment Partnerships

Looking to invest but not ready to take on your own project? We can connect you to smart, experienced developers who provide a solid ROI.


From attorneys to architects to contractors, we offer our clients a vast array of resources to bring any level of project from concept to reality.